Sonia Cavanagh

Sonia took her own life on 24th of August 2018. Sonia was the last person you would have expected to do this. She always seemed to be so happy and full of fun 😞






Sonia was a very special young lady. Although if she heard me saying young lady, she would be laughing her head off.  She was a Tom boy, football daft. She worked with kids and loved them and they loved her, probably because she knew how to come down to their level and be a big kid herself. She was the one that would dress up as the Easter bunny or Santa just to have fun with the wee ones and make sure they had a good time. Sonia was the loveliest, kindest, most caring, funny and thoughtful person you could ever meet.  She wasn’t perfect but she wouldn’t harm a fly. She had so many friends who loved her dearly and she loved them all back. In February 2018, Sonia celebrated her 30th birthday with a party packed to the rafters.  It was so busy with family and friends. Friends from her work, from her previous work, from her football team and all her friends from her childhood, school and so many more.  She was so well liked for her easy going, laid back nature.  Sonia was sister to James, she was daughter to Joe and Marie, she was an aunt, a cousin, a grand daughter, a best friend and she was my neice, my god-daughter, my bestie.. If only she realised just how popular and loved she was..6 months after this party, on the 24th of August 2018, Sonia’s parents found their beautiful daughter at home after she took her own life.  A day none of us will ever forget 💚

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    Well done kath 👏 from big Joe's work colleagues 👏
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    Good luck Kath! No doubt you’ll smash it. Not only do you keep doing Sonia’s memory proud with all your efforts, but you inspire us to be better too. All our love, Jane & Yvonne 🤍 xx
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    All the best Kath for one of a kind our Sonia
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